You’re a dream and I’m a dreamer

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of highs and even higher points for pop punk lovers. With new music from all our once beloved bands — including The Starting Line and Brand New — Dashboard Confessional decides to create a wake in the already rippling tide as they reveal their first new track in seven years.

Titled “May,” this new song is short and sweet and everything you would expect from Dashboard Confessional. Chris Carrabba’s voice is pleasantly welcomed back into our lives as he pines over May.

The lyrics have no trouble impacting us in ways Dashboard lyrics always have (who can deny that lines from ‘Hands Down’ and ‘Stolen’ are not some of the most romantic of the genre).

You’re a dream and I’m a dreamer. 

Check out the beautiful acoustic love song and video above.


Don’t forget to catch Dashboard as they headline the Taste of Chaos tour this summer. Tickets and information can be found on the official site, here.

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