Warped Tour announces last cross-country run in 2018 – view dates

When the news was announced that the Vans Warped Tour would be doing it’s final run in this upcoming summer, it is safe to say, a little piece in all of us died.

Since it’s beginning in 1995, Warped Tour has been a staple in the music industry, considered the number one summer festival worth attending. For the past twenty years, Warped has provided a place for music lovers to gather, enjoy their favorite bands and discover new favorites.

Tour founder, Kevin Lyman has always done an excellent job, especially in recent years for blending the genres of Warped Tour, which has included artists beyond pop-punk, including: Eminem, Machine Gun Kelly, Katy Perry, The Black Eyed Peas, Ice-T and more. As well as those monumental to their genre: My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Blink 182, Green Day, etc.

In a statement, Lyman wrote that he considers himself incredibly lucky to get to travel the country (and world) as a part of Warped Tour. It is with mixed feelings that he has announced 2018 will be their final cross-country run. You can read the entire statement via the official Warped website here.

Limited edition packages are available for pre-order, including Forever Warped Bundles which features limited edition laminated/lanyards/posters and enamel pins. The Best Day Ever Bundle will have some of the same exclusive items, and you can also pre-order merch and mystery boxes by visiting: https://kingsroadmerch.com/vans-warped-tour/

Dates have been announced and as always, bands and venues will follow in the next coming months. Who are you hoping will close out this “final” year of Warped? Many fans (including pit reporter, Nick Major) have joked about a My Chemical Romance reunion, so the final note of Warped can be MCR ending “Helena” mid-sunset on that final Florida day. More realistically, we just hope the ending line-up will be one worth the celebration/send off.


June 21: Pomona, CA
June 22: San Diego, CA
June 23: Mountain View, CA
June 24: Ventura, CA
June 26: Phoenix, AZ
June 29: Las Vegas, NV
June 30: Salt Lake City, UT
July 1: Denver, CO
July 3: St. Louis, MO
July 5: Bonner Springs, KS
July 6: Dallas, TX
July 7: San Antonio, TX
July 8: Houston, TX
July 10: Nashville, TN
July 12: Virginia Beach, VA
July 13: Camden, NJ
July 14: Holmdel, NJ
July 15: Hartford, CT
July 16: Pittsburgh, PA
July 17: Toronto, ON
July 18: Cincinnati, OH
July 19: Cuyahoga Falls, OH
July 20: Detroit, MI
July 21: Chicago, IL
July 22: Minneapolis, MN
July 23: Milwaukee, WI
July 24: Indianapolis, IN
July 25: Darien Center, NY
July 26: Scranton, PA
July 27: Mansfield, MA
July 28: Wantagh, NY
July 29: Columbia, MD
July 31: Charlotte, NC
August 1: Atlanta, GA
August 3: Orlando, FL
August 4: Tampa, FL
August 5: West Palm Beach, FL

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