To Read Or To Game? Why Not Do Both!

I keep telling myself I’m going to read more and game less. Does it happen? Probably not as often as I was hoping for. With “Creatures Such as We” by Lynnea Glasser reading is part of the game. The story is interesting but also at a great price. If you like the storyline and minimal distractions; this game is worth a shot.

In this choose your own adventure story, you start off in the middle of a game which sets your intro. You eventually go through the character customization.  Being in the choose your own adventure style; from there I can’t really say what happens next. I definitely recommend setting a playlist of your favorite space themed or atmospheric tunes as you prepare to be pulled in by the gravity of Glasser’s writing.  I personally set my Spotify playlist to “Atmospheric Black Metal”.

Test it out on Steam today and let us know what playlist you used as your game soundtrack.

Creatures such as we” available now on Steam.
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