The Used perform at The Masonic on their album release night

In celebration on the very night of their release of The Canyon (which you can read all about on our site here, and pick up a copy for here), The Used began their fall tour supporting their album at the historic Nob Hill Masonic in San Francisco. The show came a day after the band performed a very intimate acoustic performance at Berkeley’s Amoeba Music, which fans packed to the brim, threatening the record store’s maximum capacity.

In similar fashion, eager fans filled up the Masonic to watch The Used perform, over 15 years after the band’s debut self-titled release. Fans who arrived early were given a treat with a performance by supporting act and fellow old-school favorite, Glassjaw, who performed a skillfully crafted setlist merging the old with the new, unreleased tracks.

As the seconds tick by, building up for the moment everyone is waiting for, a collection of old-school hip-hop tracks play over the PA system (including classics such as Sisqo’s “Thong Song” and “Back That Ass Up” by Juvenile) and to much surprise, are well received by fans who are anxiously waiting for The Used to take the stage.

When the lights are cut, The Used assume their positions, with lead singer Bert McCracken taking center-stage, his arms up in triumph victory, basking in the ear-piercing cheers of the adoring fans. There is no need for introduction, no need to waste any time. The Used have proven time and time again why it is that they have endured the past fifteen years while other bands of their time/genre have so often fizzled out or faded away. Cutting right to the chase, The Used kick off the night with some of their best songs: “Take It Away,” “The Bird and the Worm” and “A Box Full of Sharp Objects” as their first three for the night, reminding their fans of when and why they fell in love with this band in the first place.

As the night progressed, the band also debuted several tracks off The Canyon: “Over and Over Again,” “Rise Up Lights,” “About You (No Songs Left to Sing)” and an especially intimate encore performance of “For You,” which Bert takes the time to explain was written for and about the recent passing of his childhood friend, Tregen. The quiet, sincere acoustic performance left us with chills, showing a side unlike the usual you see of The Used.

The energy throughout the night was palpable as The Used fed off the crowd who were more than ecstatic to give their all to the night’s festivities. Bert repeatedly teased that the evening was the, “best night of tour” despite it only being the first night – the sentiment of the joke remained as Bert lamented that the evening was truly special and incredible beyond even their imaginations.

Highlights of the show included Bert sharing the “violent and poisonous passion” that inspired the track “Sound Effects and Overdramatics” as he teased it’s “good to get sexy for a bit” since so few of their songs could be considered on that end of the spectrum. And as the evening began to wind down and Bert began reciting the spoken words to cult classic, “I’m A Fake,” the Masonic seemed to turn into one gigantic moss pit as fans relived just how empowered the track off their 2004, In Love and Death made them feel the first time they heard it (ourselves included).

Check out our photo gallery below, featuring photos of both Glassjaw and The Used, as well as the bands’ complete set list and information on where you can purchase tickets to catch them in a city near you.


Take It Away
The Bird and The Worm
A Box Full of Sharp Objects
Over and Over Again
All That I’ve Got
Taste Of Ink
Rise Up Lights
Sound Effects and Overdramatics
About You (No Songs Left to Sing)
Pretty Handsome Awkward
I’m a Fake

For You (Acoustic)
Maybe Memories


The Used will be continuing their tour until late November.

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