The Used announces The Canyon, releases new “Over and Over Again”

The Used have announced the release of their seventh studio album which will drop October 27th via Hopeless Records. The album, The Canyon is said to be the “most raw, unadulterated and personal piece of art the band has ever released.”

The intimate musical composition (every musical note and vocals were recorded entirely on tape without a click track — some of the songs with strings and a choir) of The Canyon promises to take fans on a lyrical journey through the psyche of lead singer Bert McCracken.

I’ve learned as an artist that a great idea is such a gift. If I don’t stop whatever it is I’m doing, even if while driving, if I don’t pull over at that moment, then maybe I didn’t deserve the idea to begin with. I learned to respect and worship the ideas in that way, that they are and will always be something sacred. Stopping in that moment was a brand new approach for us during this process” says McCracken.

The first single, “Over and Over Again” was released yesterday. Check out the video below!

To celebrate the album, the band will be hitting the road this fall with support from Glassjaw. The tour kicks off in SF on the album release day, 10/27. Be sure to purchase a ticket – you’ll also receive a copy of the album. You can preorder your preferred copy (and check out more details/packages) here:

Finding Your Neverland Media.

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