Tegan and Sara celebrate ten years of The Con in San Francisco

A lot can happen in a decade – in even two or five years, bands that were once the hottest thing on the radio can become irrelevant in the blink of an eye. On the flip side, in a decade, a lot can change for the better as albums that were released ten years ago become more seasoned, more personal and somehow even more relevant than when they were written and released.

For indie rock sister duo, Tegan and Sara who released their album The Con in 2007 at a time where bold, loud-spoken tracks touching on subjects beyond just heartache were still in premature stages, the ten year anniversary is celebrated not only with a reworked version of the album where the sisters paired up with some of their favorite fellow artists (Hayley Williams, Ryan Adams, Chvrches, Muna, Cyndi Lauper and more) but a very special and intimate concert experience where they perform the album in its entirety and then some, with beautiful acoustic arrangements of each track.

“Fans kept asking – what if we just play a show where we talk, play a few songs, talk some more…so that’s exactly what we’re going to do,” Tegan teases as she jokes about warning those in the front section that she can see them (and their expressions) clearly, whereas Sara highlights the twin’s differences and jokes that she is so blind she can barely make out their shapes. They also share their differing opinions on the album of the evening – Tegan sharing how empowering she felt the songs to be and Sara remembering them a little bit different (in addition to the sisters’ first substantial death in their lives, Sara was also going through a profoundly depressing time in midst of her divorce, to which Tegan declared she hadn’t forgotten but didn’t feel like it was her experience to share).

In addition to celebrating The Con‘s 10th year anniversary, Tegan and Sara are donating a portion of the tour’s proceeds to their foundation for LGBTQIA girls and women (read all about their foundation here: https://www.teganandsarafoundation.org/ ).

Four banners displaying the album’s art are pinned to the back of the stage as the dim light illuminates the four, no bells and whistles needed to capture the intimate atmosphere for the evening. They opened the show with “I Was Married” and in between joking with fans, Tegan Quin admits that their songwriting style ten years ago was to simply write one-and-a-half minute tracks and move on to the next. The banter and insights of the album, along with the special seated arrangement on the usual general-admission floor made the fans in attendance feel right at home.


I Was Married
Relief Next to Me
The Con
Knife Going In
Are You Ten Years Ago
Back in Your Head
Hop a Plane
Soil, Soil
Burn Your Life Down
Like O, Like H
Dark Come Soon
Call It Off

Now I’m All Messed Up
The Ocean
White Knuckles
Living Room
Bad One (Matthew Dear cover)
Red Belt
Where Does the Good Go

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