RL Grime Showed San Diego How To Party

By Moriah Schindler
RL Grime’s The Nova Tour really showed San Diego how to party Wednesday night, November 22nd at SOMA. The iconic San Diego venue filled to the absolute brim as the openers, DJ Kittens and Graves tore apart the speakers with their head banging tunes that are impossible to sit still to. Once RL Grime came on, SOMA was seriously at capacity, but what better way to see such an EDM idol that smushed next to hundreds of other bodies all there to have a damn good time.
The first act, DJ Kittens, sure did show the audience just how boss women DJ’s are. The genre being heavily dominated by men, in fact the entire music industry being heavily dominated by men, I loved seeing a strong and powerful woman on stage and making some incredible music that is up to par and even surpasses most of the popular male DJ’s in the EDM scene. DJ Kittens was humble during her performance, and gave off a clear relaxed vibe that proved she knew exactly what she was doing behind that DJ booth, and in fact, she truly belonged up on the stage. Her simple lighting, outfit, and stage setup showed the audience that she is there to focus on one thing only, her music. The audience danced and grooved as she played her set, setting the perfect tone for the rest of the night.
Next up was Graves, the Hawaiian producer and DJ who continued to hype up the crowd in preparation for the big act following him. Christian Mochizuki, who actually started his career as a not so glamorous assistant to Kanye West in his early stages of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, lit up the stage as he danced along with his fans, encouraging them to get more and more hype as his set went on. Between Graves and DJ Kittens, it is clear that the artists accompanying RL Grime are humble, down to earth, and just there to make some good music and bring happiness and an all around good time to their fans.
As the headliner RL Grime took the stage, the fans literally went wild. With everyone packed together like sardines, ready to get down during his set, I could feel the amazing and collective energy throughout the audience. People from all different backgrounds, ages, and all walks of life gathered inside the grungy San Diego venue all to do the same exact thing, really enjoy some music. RL Grime did not disappoint as he played some of his top hits, amongst plenty of other songs that kept the audience upbeat and on their feet the entire time. The lights were nothing short of incredible, with everything from red to blue to white, using cannons that shot out fog just to add the cherry on top. Out of all the EDM show’s I have been to, this was definitely one for the books. The vibe of the audience was just right, the openers were incredible, and of course the headliner could not have been matched. The NOVA Tour truly lived up to its expectations, and I can’t see what’s next to come for DJ Kittens, Graves, and of course, RL Grime.
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