Pacific Radio shares “Smile” off their debut album out tomorrow!

Some of the best videos are the ones where it look’s like the most epic party… which is exactly what Pacific Radio has done in their brand new video for their track, “Smile.”

The video, which looks like the most amazing Halloween shindig features the Power Rangers, the infamous inflatable t-rex, Pennywise and it seems as though the band has even finally found Waldo! Check out the video below.

Smile comes off the band’s debut full-length album, Pretty, but Killing Me which drops in just a few hours (releasing December 8th). Lead vocals, Joe Robinson had this to say about the track:

““Smile” is about the absurdity of false over-optimism, pretending everything is great when the house is in flames.  You can’t smile your way through everything dummy.”
Be sure to visit the band’s official site to pick up a copy of their brand new record:
Finding Your Neverland Media.

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