Okilly Dokilly: The World’s Only Netal Band

If you’re unfamiliar with the band Okilly Dokilly: you’re in for a treat. The one and only NETAL-band, this all Ned Flanders themed group features band members: Head Ned, Red Ned, Shred Ned, Thread Ned and Bled Ned… that’s right, we’re all Ned here! Most of their lyrics are direct quotes from Ned Flanders himself. For diehard Simpson fans or anyone with even the most casual knowledge of the world’s best neighborino, Okilly Dokilly puts on an energetic and entertaining show that is hard to compete against.

The band performs in San Jose at The Ritz, joined by El Guapo and another impressive group of talented musicians: Beatallica. That’s right, a Beatles/Metallica mash-up band with hits such as “While My Guitar Deathly Creeps,” “Hey Dude,” and “Blackened The USSR.” This ultra-talented band was decked out a la Abbey Road and joked with the enthusiastic crowd how their songs practically write themselves, each a seamless blend of Beatles and Metallica hits.

The vibe is transformed to one of absolute brutality (and a bit of comedy) as Okilly Dokilly play their songs off of debut album, Howdilly Doodilly, which was released late last year. Red Ned can be seen pacing across the stage throughout the night, with props including power plant suits and the green radioactive stick from the intro, bloodied Homer and Marge, the infamous Simpson doughnut and a t-shirt canon (which paid homage to the loved and lost Maude Flanders).

The theatrics were unforgettable, but beyond that, the music was absolutely amazing. Give these guys a listen – they deserve it.


They Warned Me 



Press Destruct Button


You’re A Jerk

Purple Drapes

All That Is Left

Yellow Family

Panic Room


The Last Thing

More Animal Than Flan

God Speed Little Doodle 

White Wine Spritzer

Nothing At All 

Finding Your Neverland Media.

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