Ok Go single-handedly keeps the confetti business afloat

Regardless of when you first discovered Ok Go (perhaps it was in early 2009 when their viral video for “Here It Goes Again” on treadmills was released – which today has nearly 40mil views AND a Grammy award), we can guarantee that Ok Go is just one of those bands that truly sticks with you. Since the treadmill video, their releases continued to become more and more impressive — last year’s “Upside Down & Inside Out” and the amazing “The One Moment” showcases the band’s talent in beautiful, vibrant, technicolor… so if there’s one expectation, it’s that seeing Ok Go live in concert will be just as colorful, mesmerizing and full of awe-striking talent. We assure you, it is.

Ok Go is wrapping up a handful of shows across North America that they were advertising as either ‘rock shows’ or ‘performing arts’ dates. The band made two stops in the Bay, both effortlessly sold out (Thursday in San Francisco and Friday in Livermore). The unique, live experience brought together the videos the band is known for as well as their charismatic and engaging performance in the flesh.

To kick off the night, an old video of the band dancing to “C-C-C-Cinnamon Lips” nearly two decades ago was projected on the screen behind the stage. From the get-go, the entire performance was an interactive world of magic with the live renditions from the band (which began with the upbeat “Get Over It) and multiple q&a’s with the band, giving insight to some of their most famous moments, a behind-the-scenes intel to how they pulled off some of their best visuals, complete with the recollection of funny stories behind the creative process of each project.

Whether the band was performing the songs as you would expect at a rock concert, or ditching their instruments to reenact their ridiculous dance moves or play out scenes from Les Mis — the evening felt more like an intimate musical journey documentary than just your typical concert. Leave it to Ok Go to figure out a way to spice things up and make concerts even better than they already are.


C-C-C-Cinnamon Lips (video)
Get Over It
Don’t Ask Me
A Million Ways
Here It Goes Again
Do What You Want
This Too Shall Pass
End Love
All Is Not Lost
White Knuckles
Shooting the Moon
What to Do
Last Leaf
The Writing’s On the Wall
I Won’t Let You Down
Upside Down & Inside Out
The Confrontation (Les Misérables cover)
The One Moment

Song 2 (Blur cover)

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