MV: FL, CA (Acoustic)

The Rocket Summer release a new live acoustic video for “FL, CA” that was shot while on the first leg of his Zoetic tour. The video, recorded roadside in Marfa, Texas captures a raw emotion that pairs beautifully with the deconstructive vibe the lyrics of the song provide.

Frontman, Bryce Avary performs in front of an abandoned designer store, beneath an overcast setting sky. The concept may seem simple, but there’s something stunning in seeing the clouds overtake the sky across these desert plains while hearing the the words, “Hey, I warned you / It’s a mess / She’s a hurricane and you are Florida / She’s California and you’re an earthquake.”

The words resonate, the stripped down acoustic performance is undeniably beautiful with no better place or audience for this type of intimacy than a desolated roadside stop as words echo: “Oh, the days go by / The love, the lust, the buzz that was reduced to dust.”

Finding Your Neverland Media.

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