Moon Taxi gives amazing performance in Oklahoma City

Nashville based band Moon Taxi travels all the way to Oklahoma City during their Let The Record Play tour. As the sold-out venue slowly filled, fans focused their attention on the openers and definitely impressed the crowd. Twiggs and Kalu and the Electric Joint, were the two bands accompanying Moon Taxi, and they are two bands you don’t want to miss. The crowd were cheering with excitement before the headliner even appeared. When they did, it was madness.

Moon Taxi started off with “Let The Record Play” from their latest album followed by other new songs such as “The Way”, “Good as Gold”, “Trouble,” and “Not Too Late” which they recently released a video for. Throughout the show fans were cheering and singing along, not one person was silent.

Later this month the band will return on tour, be sure to make it out to one of the upcoming dates!


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