You knew we had to feature a blast from the past with all your favorite boy band hits when May hit on a Monday this year! Don’t be embarrassed when you hit play on this list – it’s okay to admit we all loved *Nsync and Spice Girls a little bit too much. Or maybe you were more into Xtina and Hanson? B2K? NKOTB? We got you. Let that nostalgia wash over you – we know you still know all the words to O-Town’s “Liquid Dreams.”

Did we forget any ’90s or early ’00s classic? Let us know which tracks you were rushing to record for your walkman or if you’re super old-school, your tape decks and 8tracks.

And let’s be honest: it was incredibly difficult to just pick ONE *Nsync or BSB hit… and don’t judge, we just HAD to include two from the original queens: the Spice Girls.

Finding Your Neverland Media.

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