Meet Coast Modern… LA duo whose debut single peaked at 3mil+

 There aren’t many bands who can brag about their debut track reaching 3mil+ streams and in less than a year, continuing to top the charts on HypeMachine with their follow-up releases, even reaching that coveted number one spot. LA duo Coast Modern has done that and more. Luke Atlas and Coleman Trapp have a big year ahead of them — supporting musicians such as BØRNS, The Wombats and the Temper Trap on tour. 

For those of you who haven’t already listened to Coast Modern, you should be ashamed. Tune in to their Soundcloud or HypeMachine accounts — and give them a heart while you’re there — to listen to their latest track, “Guru,” as well as “Animals” and their debut single, “Hollow Life.” We encourage you to lose yourself in their upbeat, synth-pop tracks, which separate themselves from the norm easily with Coast Modern’s unique, almost experimental-sound. We guarantee after one listen, you’ll be hooked.

We were lucky enough to chat with Coast Modern in between their first week of shows before the summer festivals and months of touring kick in. Luke and Coleman take time to share with us how Coast Modern all began, what it’s been like to receive such positive feedback from fans, what happened to Kate Hudson and more.

So, how would you guys describe your sound for someone who has never heard of Coast Modern? I saw one of your YouTube comments relate you guys to the ‘Oasis of our generation,’ what do you guys think?

LA: Maybe it’s like an oasis you get to after traveling through a long desert, filled with palm trees, waterfalls and tree frogs.

CT: The better oasis. 

LA: Not to knock the ’90s Oasis, but this desert oasis is closer to who we are. 

When did you two meet? Was there a defining moment when you knew you were going to have a future making music together?

CT: It was a slow process. We met through mutual friends at a time where we were both producing music. We hung out and really just enjoyed each other’s production chops. Eventually, this evolved into us writing music together for other artists. We did some quirky projects, at one point we were writing educational rap songs for NASA. To make a long story short, I went on vacation to Colorado and ended up falling in love with the state. I stayed for about seven months and just recharged. When I returned to L.A. we had so much momentum, our first song “Hollow Life” came to life in a day. 

How does your guys’ friendship tie into the process of writing music? Is everything tackled as a team? How is the heavy decision making handled?

LA: Most of it happens together — we get in my home studio in the morning — we start tinkering around, making a beat, adding layers until something catches our ear. By then, we go into a different world. You don’t even realize kind of what you’re doing until you have something that feels really cool. Once we musically have a foundation, we start humming gibberish and making weird noises on top of the track. Once we get to lyrics, the songs pretty much end up writing themselves. 

Awesome, that’s cool that there isn’t a lot of butting-heads to try and come up with stuff —

CT: Oh no, there is a lot of butting heads, for sure. 

LA: There’s certainly days when nothing comes. But when it does happen, it happens very quickly. Like a flash. 

In your debut single “Hollow Life” the chorus start off with the lyric ‘Running from my problems,’ were there any specific problems you were running from when you wrote the song?

CT: By the time we wrote that, I think we had escaped whatever problems we were running from. Writing “Hollow Life” was about the season that had just passed. Writing that song was the act of running from all our problems. 

Since “Hollow Life” debut in October, you guys have not only reached over 3mil streams but have topped HypeMachine’s charts, how does it feel being a relatively new band and having such positive feedback?

LA: It’s totally crazy. We’re still in awe that people are reacting the way they are to our music. 

CT: Our new single “Guru” went number one on HypeMachine which was big, it felt great, especially because “Animals” and “Hollow Life” got so close, leaving us like ‘Nooo!’ 

Congrats! “Guru” was just released a little over a week ago — so now, in addition to reaching number one, we saw the song was also featured in an Instagram video posted by Kate Hudson where she hashtagged you guys, how was that moment received by you guys?

LA: We were just wondering, how did this happen? It was so random, but so awesome. The day it happened, I got a text that just said ‘Kate Hudson’ which left me wondering, what happened to Kate Hudson? It actually took me a few hours before I realized all of it. 

It’s safe to say, you guys are already crossing off some pretty big milestones. Since your debut, you’ve performed at SXSW, you’re on the roster for Bumbershoot in Seattle alongside acts like Macklemore and G-Eazy… what has been most memorable for you this far?

CT: The BORNS tour we just finished was great. It was five days on the east coast. Before this, all we’ve done were the shows at South By. He and his whole team were all so nice, the whole tour went very smoothly, which definitely helped get our nerves out and left us ready and excited for the upcoming festivals this summer. 

LA: We’re so excited to see where this music is traveling. It’s crazy, we just made it in a computer here in Los Angeles and to see people all the way across country, singing those same words back at us… 

Speaking of shows, what can fans expect at a Coast Modern show? Do you guys perform more than just the three released tracks we know of?

LA: Oh yeah, we have a lot of songs, lots of stuff people haven’t heard. A lot of surprises. 

Now, by this point, Coast Modern spilled the beans with letting us know that there is a lot of material we haven’t heard and can only hear at one of their shows. We thought we’d get the juicy details on Coast Modern’s plans to release a full-length album, but while asking Luke and Coleman about the expected release of an EP, without missing a beat they both chime in with “What full-length?” “Nobody told us we’re supposed to be recording an album.” Cheers, guys! You definitely got me there.

But rest assured, the guys did confirm that they have their album almost completed. The plan, for now, is to trickle out one or two more singles for the summer, with a loosely aimed target near the end of the season to host the release of their full-length debut.

A perfect way to wrap up the interview — the promise of new music from these chart-topping favorites. But, just like they did back in October with the release of “Hollow Life,” Coast Modern surprises us with the unexpected.

Wait! We have a question for you. What should we name our album?

So, any ideas?


Special thanks to Coast Modern.

Check out their official website for more information on their music, social media links and upcoming tour dates. 

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