Lowercase Noises’ New Album Of Nostalgia Is Pure Bliss

The new album from Lowercase Noises “The Swiss Illness” takes you on a serene journey of thorough soft melancholy clouds of emotion and self-reflection.

For those unfamiliar, Lowercase Noises is the moniker for the multi-talented musician, Andy Othling, who has previously released six EPS and three full-length albums prior to The Swiss Illness. Without the aide of management or a label, Othling has managed to bring in over 9 million streaming views on his Youtube channel in the last ten years. Impressive, right? He deserves every single one.

Othling defines his latest record as a conceptual album: the concept was initially more about death but evolved to capture the sense of nostalgia experienced by Swiss mercenaries.

“I wanted this album to be about death, but it didn’t fit. Instead I expanded on the idea of loss and made it about nostalgia, which for me means the loss of things both large and small, both incredibly heavy and largely inconsequential. I experienced all those things in 2016, and as a result the only thing I could create was a minimal, slowly-evolving and (hopefully) beautiful dive into that feeling. Overlaid is the story and history behind the word “nostalgia”, which was coined by doctors studying Swiss mercenaries far away from home and their physical ailments brought on by their feelings.”

— Andy Othling

With titles such as ” The Last Stage of Consumption”, “From: Habit” to “From: Memories” and closing with “From: A Bitter Grief,” you can’t help but want to try and create your own narrative of who and/or what this story is about. No matter where your imagination takes you, you’ll experience both the feeling as though you’re reflecting on the memories of a lost loved one and a sense of hopefulness for days to come as the album takes you on a journey through it’s soft waves of crescendos and the ethereal, touching ambiance that comes to life with each beautifully composed track.

You can buy this beautiful album on iTunes and Amazon stores as well as the band’s official website: www.lowercasenoises.com

Review by Stephanie Buchanan

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