Lostboycrow, Prelow and DYSN Bring Fun Hits & an Exciting Energy to an Iconic Venue

by Moriah Schindler
On Thursday, November 16th I had the pleasure of seeing Lostboycrow’s tour ‘Spin The Globe Tour’, consisting of openers DYSN and Prelow. The three acts blended together with style and an electric energy that could not be mimicked. DYSN, the 22 year old heartthrob stole the stage with his emotional but catchy music, engaging with the audience and keeping the energy calm in the intimate House Of Blues Voodoo Room. The audience was filled with fans who knew every word, and loved his sweet and calm energy. He played a short set, staying cool and collected as his fans sang along and adored his indie pop music.
After DYSN, the Voodoo Room was graced with the presence of Prelow, just two guys from NYC making amazing music and bringing magnetic energy to the stage. They lit up the room as Jessie Aicher, the main singer, stole the show with his incredible vocals and guitar skills, as Matt Walsh added to the energy and sound. The two killed the show, and definitely gaining some new fans who didn’t know they existed, like myself!
As The House filled up, the fans anticipated the arrival of the headliner, Lostboycrow. As the lights went down, and the main act appeared on stage, the fans went crazy in anticipation for a show they knew would take their breath away. Despite his lost voice, he still captured the audiences’ heart with his electric fusion of R&B, pop, and electronic music. His songs created a soulful energy in the room as fans danced, sang, and got lost in the music that echoed through the Voodoo Room.
 I couldn’t help but be engulfed by the positive energy in the room. Despite knowing his actual name, ‘Lostboycrow’, as they call him, lit up the room. He danced on stage, moving and grooving (literally) throughout his set. He jumped into the audience, connecting with his fans as they worshiped his positive vibe. Wearing a “We All Are Immigrants” t-shirt, he made his political stance clear during this time of political confusion and disarray. Lostboycrow has a magnetic spirit that is echoed loud and clear in his music.I would see the entire show again.
Between the energy, the talent, and just the pure enjoyment of the artists and fans, it was a night to remember.
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