Lonely Benson to release new track every month

Lonely Benson, a moniker of Dan Young who you may remember from a band called This Providence has been hard at work recording new tunes, leaving many (us included) highly anticipating the music’s release.

We are absolutely stoked for the release of his single, “Lazy Lover” which is said to be the first of many — an announcement made on Facebook states that Lonely Benson plans on releasing a new track every 1st of the month for the remainder of the year. Eventually, the songs will be combined on a full-length release, with a unreleased tracks as Dan’s way of “keeping things fresh.”

Lazy Lover started as a jam with friends. The chorus were taken from a session with fellow musician/songwriter, Austin Gibbs. Check out the track on Soundcloud and be sure to give it the love it deserves ♥️ on Hype Machine.

While the title may allude to the song being a dig at a neglectful lover, this feel-good, summertime-vibe, upbeat jam is anything but. It’s a love song, summed up perfectly by Young himself:

It’s a song dedicated to my favorite herb and really shouldn’t be taken too seriously. It’s supposed to be a bit silly.

We challenge you not to get this indie-pop tune stuck in your head. We can already promise it will be a featured track in all of our summer road trip mixtapes.

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