LANY returns to Oklahoma for another sold out show

California based band LANY return to Oklahoma, less than a year after their last visit. This time, in Oklahoma City. Thousands of fans waited in a never ending line that wrapped around the entire venue. Within minutes of entering, the venue quickly filled up with fans, so many, that people were overflowing to the patio area of the Jones Assembly.

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The band started out with their first track off their self-titled album, “Dumb Stuff” and continued with other songs such as “Flowers on the Floor,” “Tampa,” and “Where the Hell are My Friends.” They also included the ever so popular “ILYSB” and “Super Far” to their setlist. LANY played many crowd favorites from their discography, but they also included their own twist on a popular song. The band perfectly blended “A Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles with their own “Current Location.” That will definitely be a favorite memory for fans, but the most memorable one from the show was during Hericane. Everyone screamed ‘Oklahoma’ in unison during the song, and it was incredible. Finishing with ILYSB, not one body in the venue was still. Fans danced and cheered with excitement, and continued to do so until the lights at the venue turned on.

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I’ve been to many concerts, but LANY definitely has the most enthusiastic fans. Everyone sang along to the lyrics, not missing one word. At one point in the show, lead singer Paul Klein claimed this show is one of his favorites, rightfully so. The energy of the crowd, the smiling faces of fans seeing their favorite band for the first time (or 4th), and the incredible performance made it a night to remember.


If LANY has a show coming near you, you definitely don’t want to miss it. Check out the rest of their tour dates below, and make sure to follow them on social media!




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