The 8 Tour Arrives at Shoreline Amphitheatre

When Incubus and Jimmy Eat World announced they were pairing up for one EPIC summer tour, we were beyond ourselves. When we learned Judah & The Lion would be joining them – things got better even when we didn’t believe they could.

On Wednesday, the tour hit the world famous Shoreline Amphitheater – playing one of the last stops of their tour. Judah & The Lion opened things up in a way most expected… and yet perfectly fitting for a rock show. They played through their catalog of songs — ending with a ‘dance party’ complete with Judah Akers claiming he was “T-Pain on the mic” singing to the entire band showing off their banjo-booty-poppin’. It was a sight, to say the least, and we LOVED it! The band didn’t let the near-half-empty amphitheater them from performing their best. As their hit single, “Take It All Back” closed out their set, Judah ran off the stage to jump through the three-tier sections of Shoreline, all the way to the lawn, to involve as many fans in their dance party as possible. Anyone who arrived too late to catch these guys surely missed out.

As for Jimmy Eat World and Incubus… the two bands performed sets that were unparalleled — the raw passion apparent in both band’s sets as well as their vocal and instrumental capacities leaving fans in awe. Both bands (who have been around for nearly two decades), were able to perfectly blend the old with the new, showcasing the band’s devotion to their songs, whether they were written for their 1999 album, Make Yourself (by Incubus or Clarity by Jimmy Eat World) or off the newest release, 8 by Incubus which is the band’s eighth studio album and Jimmy Eat World’s recent release, Integrity Blues.

Judah and The Lion

Jimmy Eat World




A Kiss To Send Us Off

Nimble Bastard

Anna Molly

Love Hurts


Here In My Room


Wish You Were Here (with Pink Floyd’s outro)

State of The Art

Pardon Me


Love In A Time of Surveillance


Sick Sad Little World




Make No Sound in the Digital Forest

No Fun

Nice to Know You



Aqueous Transmission


Finding Your Neverland Media.

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