Incredibly Special ACLU Benefit Compilation

Non-profit Sub City has teamed up with Collective Confusion Records, Hopeless Records and John Nolan of Taking Back Sunday to give us something incredibly special: Music For Everyone. This American Civil Liberties Union benefiting compilation features artists such as Taking Back Sunday, Allison Weiss, Kevin Devine, Frank Iero, Dave House, Anthony Green (of Circa Survive/Saosin) and so much more in the 27 featured rare and/or unreleased tracks.

For information and testimonials on the importance of why artists wanted to be involved, please check out the official website:

Why did John Nolan feel the need to recruit this amazingly diverse group of artist from every end of the spectrum? A quote taken directly from the website reads: “I also wanted to give artists an opportunity to express something about what’s gone on in this country over the past year and what’s coming in the next ones. I needed that for myself and wanted to connect with other people who needed it. And I wanted to take that need for self-expression and channel it into something bigger than all of us.”

Nolan also explains that in these next four years, there is so much potential for the rise of policies that will discriminate against persons of all sorts of backgrounds: people of color, the Muslim community, women, the LGBT community. It is important for us as a nation to come together and fight against this hatred that is terrifyingly becoming acceptable. The ACLU has a long history of fighting against unconstitutional and discriminatory policies, and what better way than to unite people in favor of support for this fight than with a community as passionate as musicians and music lovers alike.

The songs featured on this compilation are just as strong as the message it is meant to stand for. The record starts off with a previously unreleased demo from Anti-Flag titled “Buried The Shame” that sets an obvious tone that is carried throughout the other indie, punk, rock, emo, alternative artists that follow. Although that’s not all this compilation has to offer: Music For Everyone really does stand up to its name with its offer of a very special hip-hop track featuring Taking Back Sunday on instrumental by Gift Of Gab titled “When Justice Comes,” as well as a folk/alt-country feature titled “I’m Paranoid” by Brett Newski. The pop genre is represented by “Break My Heart” by Miss Allison Weiss, this twangy powerful song standing out from the rest but sharing the same protesting, we-wont-stand-for-this theme.

Compilations have been a huge thing for several years (how many ‘Now that’s what I call…’ volumes are we at?) — they’re a fantastic way to discover new artists, but why not give a listen to one that also supports an amazing cause? Of course, you can stream the compilation below, but we highly encourage you to purchase a copy to allow the proceeds to benefit the cause.

Please visit the Music For Everyone’s official site to read up about this amazing, unique collection of songs. And be sure to check out the official ACLU website to get involved!


1. Anti-Flag – Buried The Shame (DEMO) 01:47
2. Chris Farren – Always 01:58
3. Taking Back Sunday – Just A Man 03:36
4. Potty Mouth – Twisted 02:56
5. Travis Hayes – Honest Man (Live At Nu-Tone) 03:44
6. Gift Of Gab (ft. Taking Back Sunday) – When Justice Comes 02:37
7. Kevin Devine – Both Ways (Acoustic) 02:58
8. Dave Hause – Season’s Greetings From Ferguson 03:14
9. Allison Weiss – Break My Heart 02:41
10. Brett Newski – I’m Paranoid 02:43
11. Brendan Kelly And The Wandering Birds – Boardin’ USA 02:10
12. Anthony Green – Spanish Moss 03:30
13. James Dewees & John Nolan – Believe In Me 03:28
14. Frank Iero – Getting Into Heaven Can Be Hell 02:04
15. Modern Chemistry – The OverThinker 03:24
16. Baggage – Half Full 04:05
17. Secret Space – Point Of Change 02:57
18. Jared Hart – Heads Or Tails 04:02
19. Cameron Boucher – sinn 02:09
20. Dead Heavens – Straight Outta Blindness 03:36
21. The Republic Of Wolves – Birdless Cage 05:32
22. Answering Machine – City Of Glass 02:38
23. Cassino – Corvette 05:14
24. Rationale – Space Angela 02:58
25. Gravel Kings – American Skies 03:50
26. Sleep On It – Memorial Day 04:32
27. Lolo – The Day After Tomorrow 05:27

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