Halfnoise debuts single “Know The Feeing”

There has been a lot of speculation on what exactly is going on with Paramore. After a string of images posted to their social media accounts, featuring ex-drummer Zac Farro who departed from the band in 2010. Fans have been sent into a frenzy with the playful captions: “not doing anything special at all.” Followed by a second image and a video which slyly depicts Zac on drums with Taylor and Justin on guitar and bass respectively.

Only time will tell if this is all hinting at Zac re-joining the band (who have been without an ‘official’ drummer since 2010 — instead, Aaron Gillespie has filled in for Paramore on tour, but could Underoath’s return mean his run with Paramore has come to an end? A perfect excuse, if you will, for Zac’s return to the kit). We are as excited as the next Paramore fan… but this Zac/Paramore reunion isn’t the cause.

Zac has been hard at work with his solo project, HalfNoise since his split from Paramore. HalfNoise showcases Zac’s versatility — showing us that he is so much more than just a drummer. His talent has only grown as both a writer and vocalist. The upbeat, bouncy indie synth-pop contrasts Paramore’s notorious darker sound. His newest track, Know The Feeling, has been released with talk of a full-length album following up later this year. Give the track a listen above.

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