Frank Iero Andthe Patience End Their US Tour At The Chapel!

Although many know and relate Frank Iero back to his days in My Chemical Romance, since their break-up in 2013, Iero has been going strong with his solo endeavors. The Chapel is filled almost to it’s maxed capacity as Frank Iero andthe Patience play out their last show of their tour with Dave Hause and The Mermaid. For a final night of tour, the energy is high with both Dave Hause and Frank Iero and their bands — you’d never believe they were winding down from weeks on the road. There is a genuine connection between musicians and fans as Frank Iero and his band, The Patience power through their setlist, which is a perfect blend of their latest sophomore album release, Parachutes, and the debut album, Stomachaches.

For a band so heavily labeled to be within an ’emo’ scene, throughout his entire performance, there is a beautiful energy radiating from Iero. He can be seen smiling (no, grinning,) at any given moment on stage. It is obvious his genuine appreciation to be able to be touring and making music. It is a beautiful sight that is summed up best by a direct quote spoken by Iero on stage tonight:

“Most of the times we hate ourselves, and everything that we make, and it’s like, ‘ah, fuck, it sucks so bad.’ But, all you ever really want is someone to hear it and feel the same that you feel and sing those words back to you, like that’s a dream come true. So, to get to do this, like what we do- what we’re all doing here tonight- you guys made our dreams come true. So, thank you so much, like you saved our lives. Thank you.” 

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