Fit For A King co-headline an epic tour with In Hearts Wake

Sometimes, it takes only seconds to anticipate how great a show is going to be. One of those instances is of course, when you arrive to the venue to see a line of eager and excited fans, wrapping around the venue as they await the performances to come. This was the case at the busy Orlando square where Backbooth is nestled in, fans counting down the minutes for the show tonight. Fit For a King and In Hearts Wake are right in the middle of their co-headlining tour, making their way through North America with support from Like Moths to Flames and Phinehas.

Kicking off the show was Los Angeles natives in Phinehas who instantly had the energetic crowd springing to life in a massive circle-pit. The sold-out crowd at Backbooth is one of the tour’s many sold-out shows, which forced the packed venue to have the crowd stretch from wall-to-wall, the hundreds of fans moving as one, giving their respect and full attention to each artist on the bill. The energy in the room remained at an all-time high from Phinehas’ circle pit, to when Like Moths to Flames took over, causing the crowd to go insane with their mosh pits, crowd surfing, and stage diving. The alternating headliners, FFAK and In Hearts Wake had the latter performing first tonight. Hailing all the way from Australia, In Hearts Wake were relentless, encouraging the crowd to keep up the moshing, the crowd surfing, the stage diving and screaming their lungs out for all of Florida to hear.

The build-up of energy seemed to reach its limit when Fit For A King hit the stage, though instead of calming down, the venue absolutely burst, the band and fan relying codependently on each other as Fit For A King gave an incredibly energized headlining performance. With spin kicks, synchronized jumps and their passionate vocals, the band left fans mesmerized and begging for more. Fit For a King is heavy and in your face, something not lost in their live performance. Fans who came for a rock show definitely were not disappointed.

This massive tour is packed with pure passion and raw, rock ‘n’ roll energy. If you missed out, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! Check out FFAK’s set list below, as well as photos from their performance.


1. More Than Nameless
2. Cold Room
3. Disease
4. Hollow King (Sound of the End)
5. Shadows & Echoes
6. Warpath
7. Ancient Waters
8. Slave to Nothing
9. Dead Memory
10. Deathgrip
11. Stacking Bodies


1. Skin & Bones
2. Pissed Off

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