Heya! Could you please introduce yourself, what you do in the band and your current favourite album right now?

Dimitri: Hey! I’m Dimitri Farougias and I am the bassist. Current favorite album is Big K.R.I.T – 4eva Is A Mighty Long Time.


  1. Your new single ‘Hot Streak’ was released recently, can you give us a little bit of info about the track?

Dimitri: It deviates a little bit from our EP “Revanchist”. It’s a more uplifting track with more pop sensibilities and theme.


  1. Do you have any unknown facts or secrets about your current or new songs that you would like to share?

Dimitri: Keeping secrets is a bit more fun …


  1. What sets your new album apart from your debut EP Revanchist?

Dimitri: There will be a lineage and continuation. The retribution and subversive sounds will still be there but balanced out with pop grooves and more hopeful lyrical themes.


  1. Being from Venice in California, did you ever find it difficult to break into the music scene at first?

Dimitri: We never thought about our geographical location as an obstacle. Sure, there is a saturation of bands and artists all around Southern California but that just makes it more fun for us!

  1. Do you have any interesting stories from any of your shows?

Dimitri: Hanging out with Iggy Pop at Riot Fest. We’ll just leave it at that …


  1. I hear that Lucas (Vocals) can drink an entire bottle of tequila without getting drunk? Is this true and how exactly did you find this out?


Dimitri: By the time the bottle is done I’m not sure anyone is still around or standing so I can’t confirm nor deny that.


  1. For any new fans, how would you describe yourself in four words?

Dimitri: Resilient. Fun. Loving. Intense.

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