Disclosure sells out back-to-back shows at SF Auditorium

Honey Dijon supports Disclosure for their two night, back-to-back sold-out performances at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco.

For those who are avid EDM fans and even those who don’t think they’re a fan — if you are ever presented with the opportunity to go see Disclosure, do it. It is hard to fully explain the captivating experience; from the complex production and Disclosure’s awe-inspiring performance coming together in breathtaking harmony. It is almost unreal to take a step back and realize that the Lawrence brothers have only been at this for a little over five years. They are at the top of the game, and seemingly are mastering it. But, we are confident that what sets them apart is their desire to learn, to do better, to keep their sound changing. We cannot wait to see where the next five years will take Disclosure. While other EDM-esque acts are fizzling out after their sampled beats become tired and mundane, Disclosure will keep delivering in such a unique way, impossible to duplicate or compete with.

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