Dead Cross bring kick ass show to UC Theater

After a string of bad luck (including being detained in Houston at the start of their tour and an injury just days before in Los Angeles that left the band no choice but to cancel the show), metal super-group Dead Cross arrive at the UC Theater in Berkeley for a show that was anything but mild.

The evening began with hooded cloak wearing, ‘avante-metalists’, Secret Chiefs 3, who successfully blended all sorts of musical influences from around the world to create an instrumental death metal genre that is near impossible to describe. You may be thinking — instrumental death metal, how boring — but we can assure you, Secret Chiefs 3 knew how to engage with the crowd, despite there not being a single spoken word, their array of instruments and incredibly talented performance left the packed venue in awe.

Dead Cross (who is comprised of Mike Patton of Faith No More and Tomahawk, drummer Dave Lombardo of Slayer and Suicidal Tendencies, Mike Crain of Retox, and Justin Pearson of several acts including Locust, Head Wound City and also Retox) are currently touring their debut album (released August 4th via Patton’s Ipecac Recordings which you can pick up on their site here:, their first show kicking off earlier in month in none other than Los Angeles. Before they could return to the city of Angels this Monday night (just two days prior to our show), lead singer Mike Patton was in a skateboarding accident. You wouldn’t have been able to pick up on his injuries at all if it weren’t for the band-aid across his chin and bloody/bruised up appearance, each hardly stop Patton from giving tonight’s show his all.

The highly-aggressive energy from the band can be felt throughout the sold-out crowd. You can hardly navigate through the floor, unable to take a single step without finding someone completely indulged in the band. At one point, we stood next to a massive fan, nearly 6’3”, muscular type who was jumping and screaming in the same fashion you’d expect a 12-year-old girl to do (this fan, in particular, had told us, “I’m so gay for him [Mike Patton]” which made our entire night. Us too, man). This kind of behavior is to be expected with a band that never lets up, Dead Cross continued to perform at incredible levels. Lombardo proving to be one of the best metal drummers of our time, Pearson showing off his bass skills (and killer screaming/backing vocals) as Crain shredded away on guitar, the instruments coming together to provide somewhat of a rhythmic mix between metal and punk rock, providing what can only be coined as a complete audio/sensory assault that the fans welcomed with screams and open arms.

There was never a dull moment where Patton lost his momentum, screaming and slashing and thrashing throughout the stage, shrieking out lyrics like a professional. There was a slight pause, only for Patton to tease a “Ryan Gosling looking motherf*cker,” and bring the fan on stage to fondle (check out the photos below). Things also got a bit political — the band mistaking a fan’s red cap for a pro-Trump piece, until finding and reading the “MAKE AMERICA MEXICO AGAIN” and happily, proudly adorning it for the remainder of the night. This included during their encore, where the Mike and Dave switched places (Patton on the drums) and brought out Jello Biafra to perform “Nazi Punks Fuck Off,” a Dead Kennedys’ cover, but their own rendition: Nazi Trump Fuck Off (featuring the band decked out in t-shirts that proudly reiterate the chorus) which we totally encourage you to check out below.

Special thanks for Michael Meyer on Youtube for capturing this.


You can check out our full gallery below as well as the band’s set list! Be sure to catch Dead Cross as they make their way to a city near you.


Seizure and Desist
Obedience School
New #2
Bela Lugosi’s Dead (Bauhaus Cover)
Divine Filth
Grave Slave
The Future Has Been Cancelled
Prisoner New #1
Gag Reflex
Church of the Motherf*ckers

Nazi Punks Fuck Off (Dead Kennedys cover)
Raining Blood (Slayer cover)

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