Coast Modern brings the California vibes rain or shine

Celebrating their debut full-length album, Coast Modern doesn’t disappoint with this album or their live performance. I went in knowing it was going to be a good laid back fun time. The show was sold out in Austin, TX as Stubbs grew packed with anticipating fans. A few times through the night a drink was spilled on me. Usually, this would be a little upsetting for some people. This night, was different; I couldn’t care less. We were just all there to have a good time and just enjoy some great music, and have good time. The rain didn’t dampen my night so why would some spilled beer?

It was already an enjoyable show as they played some of my favorites “Guru”, “Now I’m Cool”, “Animals” and one of their singles “Pocket Full of No”.

Coast-Modern-and-Salt-Cathedral35(Shout out to the person with the perfect timing of passing up the gold chain).

“Did they play Hollow Life?” One girl ask me in a slight panic. I shrugged as I said no quietly and confused.

As the crowd screamed for an encore (including the persistent request for Hollow Life). The encore song begins, and naturally, the crowd begins to cheer and sway. Eventually, we get to the chorus:

Running, running, running from my problems
You’ll be sitting pretty baby, hold on tight.
Racing towards a dream on the horizon
Gimme something better than this Hollow life”

The excitement consumed me as I realized what just happened. That one persistent wish was granted. And I couldn’t be happier. Once you listen to their self titled debut album; you’ll surely understand.


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