Bohnes shares sophomore track, “My Friends”

You may not be familiar off the bat with the moniker Bohnes, but let us introduce you. The new solo project is the creative work of Alex Deleon (best known for The Cab). Deleon has been continuously pushing the boundaries of creativity through visual and musical content.

His newest release, “My Friends” pairs grunge guitar hooks with catchy drunk breaks and a bubbly modern pop beat, showcasing all of Bohnes’ musical influences underneath his uniquely talented vocals. The track gives us some early day Justin Timberlake vibes mixed with Rage Against the Machine and something classic like Johnny Cash.

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On the single, Bohnes shares:
“‘My Friends’ is about accepting yourself for who you are. We are all messed up. We all go down rabbit holes, we all live with little fragments of darkness in our heads, and we all make bad decisions sometimes. This is a song about being proud of all of that and being self-aware. Sometimes, fighting against your demons is more self-destructive than learning to live with them. These are all things that make people who they are. How boring would it be to be normal? Instead of running from your demons…you should learn to be friends with them. It took me awhile, but I think I finally have introduced myself to mine.”
Finding Your Neverland Media.

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