Anarbor return for winter Midwest/East Coast shows!

On November 1st, Anarbor kicked off their headlining tour, focusing on the midwest and east coast. Joining them on the tour are fellow Arizona-based, Sundressed. On Sunday, November 5th, the two Phoenix bands stopped all the way across the States in the college town of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The show was held at a small music bar, called Local 506.

Starting off the show was a Columbia, SC-based band, called Happy. On their Facebook page, they accurately describe their genre as “emo pop.“ It was apparent that all of the songs they played had a lot of emotion behind them. They began their set with their latest single, “Winona Ryder” (just in time for Stranger Things 2). Their lead guitarist, Grey, described the single as “more of an angry song”, when the lead vocalist/guitarist, Tate, was promoting their t-shirts that read “I get sad to a band called Happy”. Overall, I was genuinely impressed by this up and coming band, and I personally liked them a little more when they mentioned Rick and Morty in one of their songs.

The next band to play was Sundressed. It was obvious that the five guys in the band were having a great time! They played songs that were, in the words of Trevor Hedges (lead singer), “about a dog” and “moving out of Mom’s house”. Even though those may seem like strange plot points for songs, it worked for them! They had a certain energy about them that everyone in the venue was loving! Even the people sitting in the back of the room were dancing and clapping along.

Then came the moment that everyone had been waiting for. Anarbor took to the stage, and they played an amazing show! Even though there were a maximum of 30 people there, they didn’t treat this show different than the last time they were in the Tarheel state in 2013 with the Vans Warped Tour. They played a couple of songs off their album from 2009, Free Your Mind. However, newer songs, including their latest single “Can’t Help It” (which they released a music video for on November 4th) were also performed. To end their set, they played a fan favorite: “Always Dirty, Never Clean”. Getting to watch the band perform again was an absolute treat.

Check out our exclusive photos of the night below and be sure to catch Anarbor at a city near you!



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