ALBUM: I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love

In just one week, The Ready Set will be embarking on their North American spring tour, Waking Up 2016, with EMBLEM3. If this line-up isn’t already on your radar, you’ll want to mark your calendar so you don’t miss out. The tour kicks off in Minneapolis on May 12th for the first of the twenty-four scheduled shows. Tickets and more information can be found here.

If you haven’t already picked up a copy of The Ready Set’s latest album titled, I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love, you have no excuse. This is the fourth full-length album from The Ready Set, whose first EP, titled Syntax and Bright Lights, was released in 2007. Nearly ten years later and this electro-pop act presents us with the album we’ve all unknowingly been waiting for.

The twelve track album can be picked up on iTunes or ordered directly on the band’s official site. Though, by far the coolest aspect is the visual full-length streaming you can catch via Hopeless Records’ YouTube channel, posted here or you can watch below.

Allow lead singer, Jordan Witzigreuter to take you on a bubbly, amiable adventure, track-by-track. It begins with a video for opening track, “Disappearing Act” which features Witzigreuter in a pure white, minimalist room contrasting his colorful hair and co-stars, doused in the brightest hues. As we progress on, each video is full of color, paired perfectly with the carefully crafted beats that venture away from the emo pop The Ready Set was once known for and embraces a more positive sound. Electronics play alongside the minimal guitar and drums in arrangements that hit hard. Many fans compare his music to songs from the ‘80s as well as The 1975 but Witzigreuter is in a league of his own.

The majority of the tracks are high-hitting, catchy, feel good songs. It is impossible to not consider a hidden theme to the album, especially while watching Witzigreuter’s carefree dancing mirrored throughout the videos, usually behind a fox mask like the one featured on the album’s artwork. When asked about the meaning behind the album title, Witzigreuter states, “To me it is a powerful statement in a sort of sad way. The album itself is a little less uplifting than some of my previous stuff, and maybe a bit more introspective.” This can be seen across tracks such as “Disappearing Act,” “Concrete,” and “No Love” which features vocals from Ansley Newman.

Witzigreuter ends his statement with the powerful sentence:

“The title represents the realization that it’s never better to close yourself off and try to go through life alone. Everybody needs somebody.”

It’s definitely something to keep in mind while we explore the full length album, which ends on a high note of a beautiful piano ballad titled, “See You.” The video itself seems like the perfect end to a near-perfect album. In the same way the opening act is white, bright and full of color, this ending track seems to convey a type of curtains closing appeal.

The video is dark; a single spotlight shining behind Jordan whose hair has been stripped of all color we see in the first video. Lyrics such as ‘Cause we don’t just flicker and fade / With love, nobody’s gone forever / I’ll see you when you get there’ resonate deep, tugging on the heartstrings of every listener. This inspiring and beautiful track is pure poetry. The lyrics perfectly convey Witzigreuter’s explanation of everybody needing somebody, giving the hope that no one person is alone. The album ends with the words, ‘I’ll see you when you get there’ a powerful and positive message despite claims that this album is a little less uplifting than The Ready Set’s previous work.

The Waking Up 2016 will hit both coasts, making their stop in the Bay Area next month (June 14th at The Fillmore to be exact) and closing out with a two-night feature in Los Angeles on June 17th and 18th. If you were a fan of The Ready Set during their platinum-selling era of ‘Love Like Woe’ or hit off of The Bad & The Better, ‘Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever)’ you will not be disappointed in where the band has taken it’s sound with their new record.

Tickets and full details to catch The Ready Set on tour are listed here.

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