20 Years Of Warped Tour and It’s Still The Summer’s Best

Every year it seems without fail, we count down the days revolved around Warped! Whether fans are eagerly awaiting the new year’s lineup announcements, for the day tickets go on sale, for the various TEI Workshops… and alas, for the best day of the summer: Warped Tour at your nearest venue. Whether your city is taken over by a crazy storm or is battling 100-degree weather… nothing can stop fans from attending Warped.

For over twenty years (anyone attend the first ever Warped back in 1995?), Warped has been a staple for music lover’s summer plans. Twenty years and the festival is as exciting as it has ever been. Sure, there have been some changing (bring back the half pipe!), but for the most part, founder Kevin Lyman and his crew are dedicated to keeping Warped ahead of the curve.

How, you might ask? By keeping the line up exciting and extremely diverse. Where else can you attend a show and catch metal, pop punk, emo, ska and rap artists all in one day? That’s the beauty of Warped Tour. You attend to see your favorite band and are guaranteed to leave the festival having discovered at least three new artists and who knows, maybe your next favorites?

The variety from this year’s Warped Tour is one of the best yet. Some of the amazing artists included CKY (who first performed Warped back in 1999!), Gwar, Goldfinger, Hawthorne Heights, Sammy Adams, New Years Day (veterans of the festival, this was their fifth year) and so many more. In fact, there were so many amazing artists, it was impossible to fit them all into the day (trust us: we tried).

For those of you who haven’t attended Warped (fingers crossed that is no one reading this – and if you haven’t, what is your excuse?), this year was a similar set up of seven stages — from when doors opened at 11am to some time past 9pm. With so many performances, you can bet the majority of the day was spent running from one set to catch the next… but what about everything else Warped has to offer?

There are a TON of amazing vendors and organizations that hit the road with Warped. Including the TRUTH (to end smoking) van, To Write Love On Her Arms (hope for finding help for depression, addiction, self-harm, etc.), support for Tattoos and Piercings in the work place, plenty of vegan-friendly non-profits… and who can forget one of the best sponsors: Monster Energy complete with their ‘lounge’ truck, which offered up Monster’s new MUTANT SODA in three flavors (white, red and green) for fans to try for free.

Our date in Mountain View kicked off fairly early with bands like Attila who perfectly summed up what was about to come with their catchy chorus, “Fuck that shit, you can find me in the most pit!” up until the night closed with a set from Gwar that left fans stained in all shades of red and blue. Goldfinger performed mid-day and was determined to set a record for biggest Californian mosh/circle pit as fans were encouraged to run around the entire set-up (and many successfully did).

The only regret for the day? Not fitting in more of the amazing artists. Though the ones we did manage to catch left us already yearning for next year. 

BEST ACTS OF 2017: New Years Day always knows how to put on a great set, Neck Deep engaged one of the biggest crowds of the day, Save Ferris performed with such high energy it put others to shame, Goldfinger’s revival was one of the best of the year (so far), CKY hit us hard with nostalgia (anyone else first discover them via Tony Hawk’s video games?), Sammy Adams gave us a breath of fresh air with his relatable rap/hip hop and of course, GWAR were legendary to witness.

WHO TO EXPECT PHOTOS OF?: You can check out our gallery below. Fair warning, there are a TON of photos! In order, the acts you’ll find are:

Watsky, Being As An Ocean, Emmure, Dance Gavin Dance, Attila, Hands Like Houses, CKY, Neck Deep, Jule Vera, Goldfinger, New Years Day and American Authors. 

But wait, there’s more! CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT OUR SECOND HALF OF WARPED! Featuring photos of:

Creeper, After The Burial, Hawthorne Heights, BlessTheFall, Save Ferris, Too Close To Touch, Sammy Adams, Memphis May Fire, Carnifex, Futuristic, Sylar, Andy Black, I Prevail, Fit For A King, GWAR and Beartooth. 








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